How to Order a Coffee?

Over the 11 years I’ve worked in cafes and coffee carts I feel someone needs to write the process and etiquette to order a coffee. The Mobile Phone The biggest and most common problem would be the customer being on the mobile phone. Just because your not paying attention to ordering and I get your coffee wrong, guess who is going to be upset. It won’t kill you to just wait till after your call. In fact I just don’t service someone till they are off now. Underestimating being underestimated by the customer happens to be a lot. I can’t well have a sign up saying: “11 years of experience” “Finalist in NSW Western Business Awards” “Barista champion competitor” This list goes on. So unfortunately being a young female that looks younger than I really am makes people jump to conclusion that I don’t know what I’m doing. Coming up to my cart and saying “do you make good coffee” offends me greatly. You shouldn’t be asking that in any retail situation. Do you think your going to get a realistic answer? “No sir I make terrible coffee you should probably go to another business.” Line Up At The Coffee Cart When there is a line, that means it’s busy. So you have to wait in a line. And yes that’s annoying. What’s more annoying is that you’ve spent 10 minutes in a line, than you get to order and you “oh what do I want, um.” 😒Time is money, time is coffee and customers. Work your order out in the line. And even better, get your money ready in the line too. It’s pretty simple. Pick a size, pick you type of coffee and how many sugars. I honestly don’t mind if you buy a ½ strength decaf soy latte if you order it quickly, say hello please and thank you. Manners go a long way. Treat the person serving you like a human.